Episode 1

"Grind Culture: The Pros and Cons of Everyday Hustlin’"

Your favorite psychiatrist is back with an all-new season of the Imani State of Mind podcast! Join Dr. Imani and her co-host Meg Scoop as they answer listener letters, explore the pros and cons of "Grind Culture," and serve a pop culture diagnosis on Effie Morales of 'Power Book II: Ghost'.

Episode 2

"Adult ADHD: The Trend in Diagnosis and Drug Shortages"

Did you know that the pandemic caused a spike in ADHD evaluations? Or that it has led to a nationwide shortage in ADHD medications? Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they discuss the impact of Adult ADHD and why it’s still on the rise. Plus, the ladies perform a pop culture diagnosis on Dre from Donald Glover’s show, 'Swarm'.

Episode 3

Black in White Spaces: The Mental Effects of Being Black in America

Featuring Toni Ann Johnson

The struggle of being Black in predominantly white spaces can have a huge impact on our mental health. Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they discuss the effects with guest Toni Ann Johnson, author of ‘Light Skin Gone to Waste.’ Plus, the ladies share their pop culture diagnosis of Darcy from the Netflix comedy ‘The Perfect Find.'

Episode 4

"The Emotional Climate Crisis: How Climate Change Affects Our Mental Health"

Naysayers be damned! Climate change is real and is sending most of us into an emotional whirlwind. Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they discuss how climate change affects our mental health, answer listener letters, and share their pop culture diagnosis of Jocelyn from the HBO show 'The Idol.'

Episode 5

"From Wellness to Wholeness: Ditching a Buzzword to Better Yourself"

Truth? Your wellness journey has been fueling a billion-dollar industry. It's time to embrace the idea of wholeness and go deeper in our exploration of self. Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they uncover the truth behind deceptive practices and explore ways we can all embrace wholeness. For this week's pop culture diagnosis, they delve into Douda from Lena Waithe's show 'The Chi.'

Episode 6

"Get Your Rest, Sis: The Importance of Prioritizing Healthy Sleep"

Dr. Imani is reaching for her notepad to prescribe mandatory rest for all listeners! You get a nap, you get a nap, everybody gets a nap! Living through chaos and finding time to unplug can seem incredibly hard, but only if you make it that way. Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they discuss the importance of rest, finding time to shut your mind off, and ways we can all start resting better. The ladies also perform a pop culture diagnosis on Joe from the Netflix series ‘You.'

Episode 7

"Demystifying Therapy: It’s Really Okay to Seek Help and Answers"

Despite the increase in conversations focusing on mental health awareness, the topic of therapy remains sensitive for most. The act of seeking help and talking about one’s personal mental health experiences is something that should be embraced, especially when you find a safe space and a professional that suits you. Join the ladies of 'Imani State of Mind' as they unpack the truths of therapy and perform a pop culture diagnosis on Whitney from the Starz show 'Run the World.'

Episode 8

"Put Your Phone Down: Why Digital Detox’s Are Important"

Have you ever considered how dependent we all are on digital devices? From computers to phones, tablets, and watches, many of us spend countless hours consuming digital content and staring at screens—even now as we type this episode description. Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they unpack the importance of digital detoxes and taking time away from our devices. The ladies share a new pop culture diagnosis on 'Meech' from the Starz show 'BMF.'

Episode 9

"Gaslighting: What Is It and How to Put Out The Flame"

“It didn’t even happen that way. You’re just making things up!” Okay, but are you really? A term that dates back to the 1944 film ‘Gaslight,’ gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that involves manipulating someone into questioning their personal experiences, feelings, perceptions, or even their sanity. Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they discuss what gaslighting looks like, when and where it can happen, and how to put an end to it. Plus, the duo shares a pop culture diagnosis on Erica Mena from the MTV reality series ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’.

Episode 10

"Rooting For You: How Gardening Can Benefit Your Mental Health"

Featuring Taylor Lindsey

No matter the season or time of year, there’s always a reason to be in your garden. Sure, we have to tend to what we plant, but we also have to do the same for ourselves! Studies have shown the benefits and positive effects that gardening can have on our mental health. Join Dr. Imani and Meg as they share their personal green thumb stories with special guest Taylor Lindsey, The Plant Plug of Los Angeles.

Episode 11

"Clothes Minded: How Fashion Choices Can Shift Your Mood"

Wearing sweatpants to brunch? That’s all you, mama! Wearing jeans while working from home? They say it helps with focus. Did you know that the clothes we wear have the power to shift our moods? Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they take a deep dive into their closets, plus they perform a pop culture diagnosis on Miranda from the timeless classic ‘The Devil Wears Prada.'

Episode 12

"Love Bombing: How People Can Use Their Affection to Manipulate Others"

Have you ever felt like someone is excessively showing their affection or how much they care about you? You've probably set boundaries, and they're still crossing them, right? Well, that sounds like love bombing. Join Dr. Imani and Meg as they dive deep into a topic that can often lead to emotional and psychological abuse. Plus, the duo also performs a pop culture diagnosis on Uche from the Netflix series 'Love Is Blind.'

Episode 13

"Vote for Mental Health: Keeping Sane During Election Season"

Election season is here, and things tend to get quite chaotic. Staying up to date with candidates, deciding who will earn your vote, and sifting through tons of misinformation can be incredibly tiring. It’s all good, though! Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop have you covered on this week’s episode with a deep dive into how we can all stay sane during the election season. They also perform a pop culture diagnosis on a huge fan favorite, Olivia Pope, from Shonda Rhimes’ hit television series ‘Scandal.'

Episode 14

"The Kids Will Be Alright: How and When to Discuss Mental Health With Our Children"

Take a moment to consider how today’s events and day-to-day life affect our mental health as adults. Now, pair that with peer pressure, questionable trends, and social media. Can you imagine what our kids may be going through? Join Dr. Imani and Meg as they break down how to start a discussion and ways to encourage our children to talk about their mental health. Plus, the duo performs a pop culture diagnosis on another fan favorite, Rue from HBO’s series ‘Euphoria,’ played by Zendaya.

Episode 15

"Coping During The Holidays: How To Manage The Grief and Loss Of Loved Ones"

The holidays have finally arrived, and for some of us, that means remembering loved ones who once brought cheer and great memories to our lives. It may also mean taking a moment to grieve, which can be challenging amid everything else we’re all dealing with. Join Dr. Imani and Meg Scoop as they discuss ways we can mourn our cherished people during the holidays and try to maintain cheer. Dr. Imani also performs a pop culture diagnosis on Whoville’s most infamous, The Grinch.

Episode 16

Yay! Setting The Bar Low: How To Manage Your Holiday Expectations

The Imani State of Mind team is trying something incredibly innovative and mind-blowing this holiday season—we’re setting the bar low when it comes to expectations. Close your eyes, ditch the idea of a 'perfect holiday,' and join Dr. Imani and Meg as they share tips to reduce stress and keep things realistic. Plus, Dr. Imani performs a pop culture diagnosis on Amazon Prime’s 'Desperately Seeking Soulmate Escaping Twin Flames Universe.'

Episode 17

The Gift of Gratitude: We're Thankful For You!

This year, we’re reaching deep into our stocking to give all of our listeners the gift of gratitude! Whether it’s having made it to the end of the year, practicing wholeness, or understanding how you can better support someone close to you, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Join Dr. Imani and Meg as they share what’s on their gratitude list. Plus, Dr. Imani serves up a pop culture diagnosis on Harvey Specter from USA Network’s hit legal drama series ‘Suits.’ No matter how you celebrate, the Imani State of Mind team would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Episode 18

"The Best of ISOM, Season 6: There’s A Listener Letter For That"

Do you struggle with telling others 'no'? Maybe you’re having a hard time breaking up with someone during the holidays. Have you wondered if you have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? These are all valid concerns, and we have listener letters about them! Join Dr. Imani and Meg as they press rewind on some of the listener letters received for season 6.

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