Episode 1

"Discovering Self Love"

Maintaining your mental health is difficult enough but developing a solid sense of self love to go with it can be even more challenging for those who are just introducing themselves to the path of self-development. The ladies of Imani State of Mind are encouraging self love!

Episode 2

"You Won't Break My Soul: How To Heal From that Breakup"

Breakups are never easy and for some never easy to bounce back from. How does a break up mess with your mind? How long should I take to get over the relationship? The ladies of Imani State of Mind are breaking it all down to build you back up after that breakup!

Episode 3

"What Does it Mean to be Black in Corporate America?"

Landing your dream job in Corporate America is only half the battle if you're Black. Microaggressions, code switching, and the feeling of having to work twice as hard as your white co-worker are just a few examples of being Black in Corporate America. The ladies of Imani State of Mind are shining the light on what it really means to be Black in corporate America.

Episode 4

"How to Succeed as Co-Parents"

Parenting is hard and even harder when two parents are not seeing eye to eye. Are you struggling with protecting your peace while you co-parent with your ex? The ladies of Imani State of Mind are helping you find ways to co-parent without losing your mind.

Episode 5

"The State of Black Women's Health"

How can we create better outcomes for Black women's mental, maternal, and physical health? Planned Parenthood LA’s nurse practitioner, Kara James, is stopping by to share the resources we need to know to help Black women advocate for their health.

Episode 6

"Combating Seasonal Depression"

As we enter sweater weather and the days are getting shorter, do you  experience seasonal blues instead of seasonal cheer?  Find out how to handle that seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, so you can enjoy this holiday season!If you or anyone you know may be experiencing thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline dy dialing 988 in the United States.

Episode 7

"The REALationship with your Food"

Featuring Kevin Curry

Like all the other relationships in your life, your relationship with food should be a healthy one! If we are what we eat… WHO ARE YOU? Founder of Fit Men Cook, Kevin Curry, shares how his journey and relationship with food saved his life!

Episode 8

"Keeping Up with the Joneses is Bad for Your Health"

Who are the Joneses and why does everyone want to keep up with them? You might be tempted to buy things you don’t need to temporarily boost your self-esteem or your status on social media, but the ladies of Imani State of Mind are diving deep into the psychological damage that comes with Keeping up with the Joneses.

Episode 9

"Recovering from Moral Injury"

Have your moral codes been compromised? Learn how to face your decisions and heal from your life choices on this episode of Imani State of Mind.

Episode 10

"Booked and Busy: How to Slow Down and Address your Trauma"

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I always so busy?” If so, there may be something or some feelings you’re avoiding. The ladies of Imani State of Mind are slowing things down to identify your traumas, so you can begin to heal from them.

Episode 11

"All I Want For Christmas Is... Boundaries"

Do the holidays leave you feeling burnt out or uncomfortable? This time of year can be emotionally, physically, and psychologically taxing, if you do not practice the proper self care. The ladies of Imani State of Mind are giving you the tools to set the boundaries you didn't know you needed this holiday season.

Episode 12

"The Gift of Rest"

"In a society that romanticizes late nights at the computer, early mornings paired with multiple cups of coffee, and constant, maximum effort to achieve more, choosing rest has become the gift we all need to give ourselves. The ladies of Imani State of Mind chat about the importance of rest on your mental health."

Episode 13

"The Best of Imani State of Mind, Seasons 4-5"

Before we ring in the new year, the ladies of Imani State of Mind want to take a look back at the best highlights of 2022!

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