Imani State of Mind

Season 2

Episode 1

"What Work-Life Balance?? Let's Talk Burnout"

Caregiver burnout is REAL— especially during a pandemic! How are you supposed to go to work, teach your kids math, make sure your parents are okay, clean your house, and get food on the table without losing it? Dr. Imani breaks down why burnout is a serious mental health issue and shares some tips to cope. Plus, we’re throwing it back to the 90s for this week’s Pop Culture Diagnosis about Saved By The Bell’s very special episode on caffeine pill addiction.

Episode 2

"Why Do We Love Conspiracy Theories"

Do you know someone who believes that Tupac is still alive or that the government faked the moon landing? This week, Dr. Imani dives into the psychology that attracts so many people to conspiracy theories, and how to set boundaries with people in your life who are in too deep. Plus, Imani takes a look at how Netflix’s Jessica Jones depicts PTSD.WARNING: Contains discussion of emotional and physical abuse.

Episode 3

"How To Cope With Your Parents' Baggage"

We’ve all got issues, and some of that baggage comes from our own parents. This week, sports journalist Jemele Hill joins Dr. Imani to talk about how they each dealt with their dads’ absence from their lives and how it affected their mental health growing up.

Episode 4

"Even Numbers Are To Be Trusted, Odd Number Are Not"

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is not about being a neat freak! Obsessions are intrusive thoughts that stem from anxiety – they can be about things like germs, luck, or even death. Dr. Imani tells you the truth about OCD and she shares her own experience with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. Plus, Imani and Kam answer YOUR mental health questions in our brand new segment, ‘Get Your Mind Right’.

Episode 5

"Winter Is Coming"

Are you dreading those long dark nights of winter? Then this episode is for you. We are all extra-isolated this year because of the pandemic and if you’re prone to the winter blues, this winter might be extra tough on your mental health. Find out how to recognize if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, ways to cope, and why winter messes with your brain. Plus, this week’s Pop Culture Diagnosis takes a close look at Randall Pearson’s anxiety on NBC’s This Is Us.

Episode 6

"Are You TOO Online? How To Deal With Too Much Social Media"

We are all doomscrolling these days. What’s all that time on our phone doing to our brains? This week, Imani and Kam explain why social media is so addictive and how they’ve learned to stop scrolling. Plus, on Pop Culture Diagnosis, find out what Netflix’s Ratched gets right – and wrong – about psychiatric hospitals.

Episode 7

"The Next Thing You'll Hear Is The Sound Of Me Hanging Up"

We all need a little space — even from the people we love — and the best way to make room for your whole self is to set boundaries. Dr. Imani and Kam are joined by an expert in setting boundaries, Imani’s mom, Paula Madison, and they break down how to say what you need from your friends and family. Plus, Imani, Kam, and Paula help YOU Get Your Mind Right and answer listener questions about mental health.

Episode 8

"You Need Therapy And So Do I"

This year has been rough on all of us. We’ve been sheltering-in-place for months, now there’s a third wave of Covid-19 cases in the US, and honestly, the election season felt like it lasted 1000 years. You have got to process your feelings, and therapy is a great way to do that. Imani and Kam share tips on how they made therapy work for them and Imani reveals how she went from a therapy-skeptic to a therapy-convert. Plus, on Pop Culture Diagnosis, Imani makes the call on whether Walter White is a psychopath.

Episode 9


Time for a study break! Schizophrenia is rare, but it’s the mental illness that shows up the most in pop culture. Imani explains what schizophrenia is – and isn’t! – and debunks the most famous misconceptions about it. And on Pop Culture Diagnosis, Imani breaks down how The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend portrays borderline personality disorder.

Episode 10

"Mental Health Hazards On The Job"

Work has really changed since the pandemic started, but, honestly, toxic workplaces still exist! Workplace PTSD and the grind of hustle culture can really wear down your mental health. Imani and Kam share their worst job experiences, red flags on the job, and how to make moves to get out. Plus, Imani and Kam delve deep into why people Catfish on Pop Culture Diagnosis.

Episode 11

"A Guide To Psychopaths and Sociopaths"

American Psycho, Natural Born Killers, The Joker…we love psychopaths in our movies. But how do you tell if someone is really a psychopath? And on this week’s Pop Culture Diagnosis, it’s Homeland and bipolar disorder.

Episode 12

"So You Have A Chronic Condition"

The long-term effects of COVID-19 are still being studied, but recent research shows COVID is creating a whole new population of people with chronic pain and fatigue. Dr. Imani and Kam share how they’ve coped and found support with their own chronic conditions. And on Pop Culture Diagnosis, Imani finally gets to ask, “What’s up with Don Draper?”

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