A Calm Chaos is the emotionally raw and beautiful story of being raised in a family touched by mental illness. Dr. Walker uses her experience as a psychiatrist as a prism to see the painful truths of her childhood and how she learned to navigate this chaotic world the best way she knew how: using her wits and humor to diffuse tense situations. Her desire to better understand mental illness—to identify her mother’s issues, her father’s addiction, and her own confused feelings—led her to pursue a medical degree and to work in inner cities with the severely mentally ill. While helping others, Dr. Walker found the courage to address her own mental health issues, ultimately finding emotional balance.
This title will release on September 20th, 2022.
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Dark Matter Psychiatry

Dr. Imani J. Walker specializes in caring for acutely ill psychiatric patients including those with eating disorders and providing mental health care to homeless and indigent populations. She also provides counsel regarding the emotional impact of racism on people of color, hailing from a mixed race Black Jamaican and Chinese family herself.
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