Episode 1

"Analyze This, Part 1: Moving On After Trump"

On January 6, there was almost a coup, and on January 20, we got a whole new president. Whiplash, much?? Dr. Imani and Kam discuss how to bridge the divide with your loved ones when you don’t share political views. Plus, Imani answers your mental health questions on this week’s #GetYourMindRight segment.

Episode 2

"Analyze This, Part 2: Madame Vice President"

This episode is a celebration of the highest-ranking woman in the room: Vice President Kamala Harris. Plus, Dr. Imani and Kam Law answer your mental health questions on this week’s #GetYourMindRight segment!

Episode 3

"Protect Ya Neck"

Presidents are temporary, but Wu-Tang is forever. Get hype with Dr. Imani and Kam Law as they take a look at how Wu-Tang talks about mental illness. Plus, HBO’s Beware The Slenderman is this week’s patient on Pop Culture Diagnosis.

Episode 4

"Family Secrets"

When you find out about a family secret, it can shake up your whole life. Dr. Imani and Kam Law break down how secrets take a toll on your mental health. Plus, they’ll answer your questions about mental health on this week’s #GetYourMindRight.

Episode 5

"Pandemic Fatigue"

This pandemic has been going on for almost a whole year…are you good? Of course not! Dr. Imani and Kam Law check in about Zoom fatigue, coping with a year of isolation, and they take a deep dive intoo HBO’s Watchmen on Pop Culture Diagnosis.

Episode 6

"Fake It Till You Make It"

Who are all these white people pretending to be Black?? This week Dr. Imani and Kam Law explain the psychology behind Blackfishing, and they help you #GetYourMindRight by answering your mental health questions.

Episode 7

"Crying Over A Celebrity? You're Not Crazy"

Dr. Imani and Kam Law explain why celebrity deaths hit so hard, especially while we’re grieving so much during Covid. Plus, they dissect psychopathy in American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace on Pop Culture Diagnosis.

Episode 8

"The Kids Are Not Okay"

How have the kids been coping this year? Not great! The APA says that Gen Z has the worst mental health of any generation. Dr. Imani and Kim Law discuss this and more on this week’s episode of the #ImaniStateOfMind!

Episode 9

"They Did WHAT To Meghan Markle??"

Dr. Imani and Kam Law break down Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah and debunk myths around suicide and toxic relationships. Plus, Pop Culture Diagnosis: Lovecraft Country. Content warning: This episode contains discussion of suicide and suicidal thoughts.

Episode 10

"Mental Health Hazards On The Job"

Work has really changed since the pandemic started, but, honestly, toxic workplaces still exist! Workplace PTSD and the grind of hustle culture can really wear down your mental health. Imani and Kam share their worst job experiences, red flags on the job, and how to make moves to get out. Plus, Imani and Kam delve deep into why people Catfish on Pop Culture Diagnosis.

Episode 11

"Anxiety? I Got It From My Mama"

Featuring Nicole Perkins

Dr. Imani and Kam Law go deep with writer and host of the podcast This Is Good For You, Nichole Perkins (@tnwhiskeywoman). Nichole says talking to her mom about their shared anxiety and depression changed their relationship…for the better! Get Nichole’s memoir, Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be, this fall.

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