Episode 1

"Don't Panic"

We are stressed! And this isn’t just normal stress – the pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives, and this summer there’s already been a non-stop tide of news stories of police shootings and violence against black communities. This week, Doctor Imani lays out how to process the trauma of trying to live your life in the midst of a crisis. Plus, she breaks down how one of her favorite TV shows depicts mental illness in Pop Culture Diagnosis.

Episode 2

"Is This A Problem?"

Substance abuse is on the rise as we’ve been in quarantine. This week, Doctor Imani and co-host Kam Law talk with addiction psychiatrist and host of the ‘In Recovery’ podcast Dr. Nzinga Harrison about what addiction is, why recovery can be so difficult, and what you should look out for if you’re worried about your own behavior.

Episode 3

"You're Not Extra, You're Depressed"

Stigma makes it hard for so many people to even talk about their mental health, let alone get help. But among Millennials and Gen Z, there’s less and less stigma about mental illness. This week, Imani talks with Tracy Clayton (@brokeymcpoverty) about how she became a go-to voice for normalizing mental health conversations for Millennials on Twitter.

Episode 4

"Protect Black Women and Girls"

Black women are twice as likely to experience a major depressive disorder compared to Black men, but Black women are less likely to seek mental health help. This week Dr. Imani talks with Marline Francois-Madden, LCSW. therapist and author of The State of Black Girls, about why therapy is an important part of mental health care, how to find a therapist, and how to truly make time for self-care.

Episode 5

"Let's Talk About What It Means To Be Bipolar"

Is having bipolar disorder really like having a “sprained brain” as Kanye West said? This week Imani breaks down for you what bipolar looks and feels like and how to get help. Plus, on Pop Culture Diagnosis, Imani goes deep on how bipolar disorder shows up for everyone’s favorite hype man on FX’s Dave.

Episode 6

"Okay, But How Are You REALLY Doing?"

Between COVID and the most recent protests against police brutality, “How are you?” is a loaded question right now – especially for Black folks! Doctor Imani talks with reporter Priska Neely about the cognitive dissonance of getting check-in texts from her white friends, plus how Priska takes care of her mental health while reporting on traumatic events for her job.

Episode 7

"The Real Deal About Anxiety"

Do your thoughts hit different? You’re not alone. Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the United States. This week, Imani breaks down what kinds of anxiety disorders there are, what they feel like, and how to get help for them. Plus, Imani digs into how mental illness shows up on HBO’s Insecure.

Episode 8

"Getting Real About My Divorce"

Imani shares how she’s been processing the end of her marriage, how she’s been coping with being alone and single parenting, and why divorce was the right move for her. Plus, she takes a close look at Spike Lee’s latest movie Da 5 Bloods and how it deals with PTSD.

Episode 9

"The Funny Thing About Depression"

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) sounds scary…but is it? This week, Imani talks with comedian Gary Gulman, who underwent ECT to treat severe depression. Plus, Imani and Gary compare notes on the way depression has affected both of their lives over the years. Gary’s hour-long comedy special, ‘The Great Depresh,’ is out on HBO and HBO Max.

Episode 10

"What Does It Mean To Have An Eating Disorder"

If you think eating disorders are just a “white girl problem,” this episode is for you. The National Eating Disorder Association estimates that 30 million Americans are affected by eating disorders. This week, Dr. Imani breaks down what eating disorders are, how they affect people across all demographics, and how you can cope if you’re struggling with disordered eating. Plus, she dives deep into the forensic psychiatry and psychopathy in Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ on this week’s Pop Culture Diagnosis.

Episode 11

"Safe At Home... Except When You're Not"

During a pandemic, sheltering-in-place can protect you from getting sick, but for people in abusive relationships, it can also mean being stuck in isolation with your abuser. Domestic violence cases have spiked dramatically in the past few months as COVID-19 has kept people at home. This week, Dr. Imani breaks down the signs of abuse, how to get help, and how realistic domestic violence in pop culture is with anti-violence advocate and therapist Sequoya Hayes.

Episode 12

"Grieving The Old Normal"

Remember the Before Times…when you didn’t throw an extra mask in your bag when you went out? When you used to go out?? Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all getting used to a new normal. This week, Dr. Imani walks us through the collective grief we’re feeling about losing our old way of life and how to cope. Plus, on this week’s Pop Culture Diagnosis, Imani breaks down Netflix’s Bojack Horseman to find out if a talking horse can be real about depression.

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